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Medora Choi

Hi there! I’m Medora, your friendly Behavioural Health Consultant and Counsellor. Let me tell you a little about myself and how I can help you!

As someone who has gone through my own journey of healing, I understand how difficult it can be for young people in particular when navigating their mental health journey alone. However, upon recovery, I believe that everyone has the potential to heal themselves with the right guidance and support. This is also what motivated me to pursue my undergraduate studies in Psychology, to become a professional and help other youth through their mental health journeys. After receiving my B.A. in Psychology, I became even more interested in the connection between mind and body, so I deepened my knowledge on holistic approaches for mental health. Through my M.SSc in Behavioural Health, I was able to gain further insight into how mind-body connection plays an important role when it comes to holistic approaches towards mental health management. Integrating behavioural health perspectives with my MA in Counselling has helped many youth gain insight into their own emotions and behaviours.

By providing guidance on topics such as self-care practices, meditation techniques or stress management strategies - all tailored specifically to each individual's needs - I hope to empower all my clients to reach one step closer to finding happiness in life and become more resilient in facing adversities on their own!


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