The above statements sound familiar to you? Especially in today’s society, these emotional distresses are more common than you imagine. There may be traditional beliefs regarding how one should suppress emotional issues, to either protect their pride, or to not disappoint their loved ones. However, suppression is definitely not the long term answer!

kingking Online Counselling platform provides a one-stop, easy to use digital platform to people who are experiencing emotional difficulties and life challenges. All kingking Counsellors are carefully screened with valid qualifications and relevant experiences. Various techniques and professional approaches would be applied to assist you in reaching your own resolutions or develop strategies to address and remedy your concerns.
Counselling sessions are generally conducted under one-on-one basis. Each session’s duration is 50 minutes. You may select the most convenient and comfortable way to conduct your sessions (such as videochat*, voice or text messages). Such use of technology allows our Counsellors to provide a more accessible and affordable service to you. The features and design of our platform provides privacy and anonymous options, you may freely express your emotions and seek professional help from our Counsellors at your own pace.

*kingking uses Zoom Meeting as our communication software to connect you and your selected Counsellor for all sessions. Should you have any concerns, we are happy to assist you in connecting you through other communication software to conduct the sessions. Kindly contact our CARE Team.

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