Jacqueline Yiu

Hi, I am Jacqueline. You can call me Jac. I’m a counsellor. I have always said that “general public has lots of misconceptions about our occupation”. I have met other professionals who do not quite know what a counsellor does, meanwhile, I have even encountered counsellors that have misunderstandings about our job nature.
My goal is to let everyone to experience counselling through conversations. We all have experienced several struggles and different traumas while growing up, but there is one thing we share in common - support.
No matter what kind of support you had, counselling can be your mental strength. Counselling allows you to discover yourself in a deeper level, to understand the situation you are in. In return, this can facilitate you to do the next right thing.
As a counsellor, I have the greatest honor to walk with my clients on their life journey. I hope I have this opportunity to be your accompany and listen to your story.