Cordelia Luk

陸予梵 Cordelia Luk

Hello, I'm Cordelia. As a Counsellor, I am willing to explore your dilemmas with warmth, acceptance and equality. Hope that we can find your way through the maze of life and explore your potential for a brighter future together.

I work most often with children and youths, who are at a crossroad and experiencing the most confusing times. At some point in their lives, whether it is academic, social or family relationships…these issues may become roadblocks to their progress. My role is to act as a guide and assist them to set out the right path in life.

After graduation, I have constantly pursued further education. I am involved in the special education needs (SEN) community, using my knowledge to help parents in need to better communicate and relate to these children. I have also been involved in crisis intervention with marginal adolescents, leading them to understand their own strengths and reorganise the meaning of their lives. Furthermore, I have also provided life planning and adventure activities for children and youths who have higher aspirations for themselves, enabling them to build up their abilities and help them pursue higher goals.

I always believe counselling is a beautiful encounter between souls and a mutual influence between lives, so if you have something to talk about, I am always ready to be your listener and move forward with you!


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